I've been hankering to own a tent for a few years - ideally an old-fashioned canvas one and although I spent a lot of time on tent websites summer passed with us borrowing from friends instead of having our own.  I finally found a tent that ticked all my boxes last summer - canvas, big enought for five and tall enough for me to stand in (hurrah!).  I kept my eye on it for months and eventually in December it popped up in a 50% sale and I made my purchase.  Hurrah!

It's spent winter in the attic but this half-term we took it for it's first outing and we all had the best time. 

We stayed with a bunch of friends on a campsite in Uffington - the sun shone, campfires were lit and trees were climbed.  It was a much needed break for all of us and made me look forward to warmth and sun and all that summer brings.  The campsite itself was lovely, very laid back and allowed just a short walk was the most stunning views - perfect kite-flying conditions!


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