Autumn Crowns

It's been such a beautiful autumn this year - it really is the best time of year if the rain stays away!

A few weeks ago we visited the autumn fair at our local Steiner Kindergarden (where V went when she was littler).  The Steiner fairs are beautifully decorated and have lovely seasonal crafts for the children. We made autumnal crowns using hops, berries, hyrdangeas and honesty plant seeds. They are very simple using willow for the crown base and floral wire to attach the decorations. 

Here is E modelling her crown on the walk home.

If you missed the autumn fair there is a Christmas fair on 22nd November at the main Steiner School on Redland Hill. 


  1. Your children are just so gorgeously photogenic - this could be a magazine front cover x

  2. I know I've said it before, but you do take the most loveliest of pictures. My girls keep nagging me to make a crown - I may have to knock on a few neighbours doors and beg some foliage (again) though as we have the only garden void of such gorgeous stuff. X


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