Z turns 8

I have an 8 year old!

Here Ziggy is with Secret Agent Black Fox 686, who happened to fly into Bristol on the day of his party and initiate Z and his friends into the secret world of international espionage.  I think I loved it as much as the children!    Black Fox was amazing and held the children pretty much spell-bound for two hours using various spy and spy-detection gadgets.  Amongst other things, they learnt Morse Code, how to use a metal detector, operate spy lasers and (my personal favourite) had Ziggy rigged up to a lie detector. This was amazingly accurate and I'd quite like to have one permanently in the house.  Here Ziggy is not sure whether to tell the truth or not!

I've never used a party outfit before as I've never been really taken by any of the themes but this was really unusual and the boys were thrilled with it.  The company I used started out in London but have recently opened up in Bristol and you can read a bit more about them here.  

That's all the children's birthday's out of the way now until next year (I always breathe a sigh of relief come the end of summer!)

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