Hide & Seek in the bluebell woods

Amazing bluebell woods! This was taken near a sweet little orchard close to where my parents live. I went to see if the apple blossom was out, but it's way too early so instead we took a walk in the gorgeous bluebell woods that surround it.

We have a few bluebells growing in the garden of our new house. I know NOTHING about gardening so I'm trying to learn the basics so we can transform out neglected outside space into a family garden.  We've done quite a lot of work cleaning the site of all the junk that was left. Now we can start the exciting part like design and planting.  I'll keep you posted on progress but if anyone has any tips for a novice gardener I'd love to hear them!


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  2. This looks like a lovely location for bluebells, is it open to the public. I have written a blog post on locations for a bluebell walk if you would like to see. http://photographybyfiona.co.uk/bluebell-locations-around-bristol/


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