Apple Picking

Hello, I'm back! It's been over three months since my last post but I've missed my blog and it's very nice to be back.  We finally moved house last month and it's wonderful - we have a garden, four bedrooms and a long list of house repairs, including a new roof, electrics and heating, gulp! I'll pop some pictures up when I've sorted out a few more boxes and made it a little more homely.

Today we spent the morning at our favourite orchard picking apples and pears. Along with the start of the term, returning home with a basket full of fruit is a reminder that summer is over and autumn is on it's way, no matter how warm the weather.

There is something utterly beautiful about being surrounded by fruit-laden trees on a crisp September morning.  Our day always ends with us racing up and down with the children taking it in turns to sit in the wheelbarrow, absolutely beside them selves with excitement.  Here are Z, V and E in action.


  1. One the best things about Autumn, picking fruit. Where is this place? A private Orchard? x

    1. Thanks for visiting Lou. I wrote about the Orchard for my first This is your Kingdom post. It's in Somerset and is called West Bradley Orchards. Just an amazing place to go.

  2. Oh and welcome back - you've been missed xxx

  3. Welcome back! So pleased you posted. Perfect photos of a perfect moment xx

  4. Good to see you back, we picked some apples from our garden and made a crumble with them for tea! I do love the autumn - the fruit, the colours, etc. The children all seem to have grown since you last posted.

  5. with a world where we are surrounded by technology, i'm really glad when i see kids still do those things today.


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