Magic sunny days

I think E looks like a fairy hiding in the woods in this picture.  It's a lovely piece of forever taken from today, which was as close to perfect as could be.  School was closed so we had all three children at home and the sun shone and shone and shone.  

In the morning we made flower crown and danced round a Maypole.  After, we prepared a picnic and headed to the woods.  We made up a story which re-cast Z and E as forest creatures named Willow and Holly, who lived in the woods and helped us find our way to a hidden stream.  After lunch, the children pottered around in the water, slightly out of sight but still  in earshot of J and I who were basking in the glorious sunshine.  When we went to find the children, they were all paddling naked in the sun-dappled shallow water where I took this picture before being spotted.

In the late afternoon we went to see our new house (fingers crossed) to talk through the electrical and plumbing work that needs to be done before we move in.  It's the first time I've visited the house and let myself get carried away with what it would be like living there.  It's more than 3 times the floor size of our current flat and needs lots of work but is full of period features - fireplaces, cornicing,  wooden floors, big sash-windows.  We'll be able to have friends round for long lazy Sunday lunches, picnics in the garden and sleep-overs for the children.  It's not quite ours yet (we have still to negotiate on the price following the survey) but I can't help but get excited.  So very, very excited!


  1. What a beautiful shot! Your day in the woods sounds absolutely perfect, too.

    Hope the house will really be yours!

  2. Oooh, exciting! Good luck!
    We're about to move too, and I will have a sewing room and a respectable kitchen and bathroom! The dreaming and planning is soooo exciting.

    And what a beautiful photo of E, and memory to capture. The sunshine makes such a difference to a day :)

    We just booked a holiday to Cornwall for a week in July and I wanted to ask you if you had any tips on excellent places/beaches/forests to visit? We are staying in a farm stay cottage near Truro. I can't wait. Lots of happy planning going on here!
    x Rhi

  3. That is a beautiful photo. You've captured the hazy afternoon sun so well.

    Good luck with the house move - very exciting! Hope it all goes through smoothly. x

  4. Such a beautiful photo! And so ethereal too.
    Exciting news about your house, I really hope all goes to plan and that there will be a great big YES very soon!
    Happy days to you,

  5. What a lovely photo, she really does look like a fairy! So happy I found your blog on the Sainsbury's blogger network, new follower. :o) I love all of your photos! You can find me here www.lookingasuare.blogspot.co.uk if you wanted to stop by.
    Sarah x


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