A Winter's Walk

The weather last Sunday was amazing.  A cold-but-sunny, blue-sky winter's day.  We headed off to the Somerset Levels for what turned out to be a beautiful 6 hour outdoor adventure, starting out at the woodland and reed bed landscapes of Shapwick Heath.

We bought Z a bicycle for Christmas and it has been with us on every walk since he got it.

We saved the best until last.  The Somerset Levels is one of the best places to see around hundreds and thousands of starlings swirl in the sky before landing to roost in the reed beds. Around dusk they form amazing confetti shapes, known as a murmuration and it is incredible to witness.  The children were fascinated and it was one of those 'hold your breath moments' when the sky line suddenly darkened with different shapes.  My photography isn't good enough to do the experience justice but here's a little taster.

If you live nearby I urge you to visit (they roost between November and February) and there's a Starling hotline (07866 554142) which let's you know exactly where they are roosting.


  1. There are amazing murmurations here in Gloucestershire too - the whooshing noise is bizarre! I just love the word 'murmuration' I only discovered it a few years ago! Happy New Year Cathy x

    1. Happy New Year too! I've been super busy but back in the blogging swing now I hope. I think it must be truly amazing to just stumble across a murmuration (such a good word - you're right!).


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