Amazing Autumn

Today we headed to Westonbirt Arboretum, one of the most spectacular places to witness autumn.  There is an amazing Maple walk where you can see leaves of every different colour and in particular the most amazing reds.  This pleased V, as red is her very favourite colour.

It was really cold when we first arrived, but after running around a lot we warmed up. E's feet were freezing so I ended up lending her my socks and she had great fun kicking leaves.

Z ended up borrowing my hat which looked very sweet on him.

It's was a lovely start to half-term. If you live locally I definitely recommend a visit in the next week or so before all the leaves fall.


  1. so sweet - love the little red coat,
    the arboretum looks deserted - it's usually heaving this time of year! gorgeous pictures, Emma x

    1. Thank you Emma. It was actually pretty busy, just the photos making it look empty!

  2. What a beautiful carpet of red leaves - stunning. I never tire of admiring the leaves at this time of year, I just adore it. We often visit Golden Acre Park in Leeds about now and go to it's aboretum. It never disappoints.

  3. Oo o beautiful! I've never been here but have been meaning to for ages, and what better time to go than autumn right?

  4. how funny, we were thinking of going tomorrow, may just need to go now xx

  5. I love Westonbirt - such a beautiful place. Have a lovely weekend x

  6. Oh these pics are gorgeous! Lovely day. x

  7. And I want a coat like that! Delish! x

  8. Hello C
    Lovely photos and I adore little V's red coat :-)
    I went to the arboretum a couple weeks ago - such a beautiful feel good place. Xx

  9. It is isn't it! And thank you - to coat is certainly a hit!

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  11. Just found your blog. Love these photos, sooo cute <3

    Kisses, Elena


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