Apple Picking

We had the most perfect September day yesterday with sunshine and blue skies.  It felt like a small reward for the wet and gloomy summer.  We made the most of the day by visiting a beautiful orchard, heaving with different varieties of apples and pears.  We hop, skipped and jumped amongst the trees, deciding on which varieties we should take home and admiring the different colours and sizes. 

Violet enjoyed running amongst the windfalls and she managed to pick a few from the tree too, which she was very proud about.  

We had the loveliest day.  

It's also nice to be back updating my blog after a little break.   I do love writing about my family here, but it has been equally nice to simply read other blogs and take some time off over the last few weeks. 


  1. What a lovely day and what a lovely daughter x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time! x

  3. These pictures are just beautiful. So glad to have you back x

  4. Lovely pictures - it looks like a perfect autumn day, full of sunshine and apples and happy children.

    1. It was - England really is so beautiful on a perfect Autumn day.

  5. ah, such a nice way to spend a day!

  6. Thanks you Charmaine. I think we'll make this an annual event - ohh and it would be AMAZING to visit in spring when the trees are all in blossom.

  7. Hi, beautiful pictures... the third picture popped up on a google image search I did. Can I use it in a website promoting the creation of a food forest in Mpls MN? Let me know, thanks. maddyjean@gmail.com


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