Sunshine {how I miss you}

"Dear English Summer, 

I'm miss you.  I really do. I know I've complained about you in the past: about your unreliability, your decision to bless us with sunshine during the working week, then pour down with rain at the weekend.  But this year you seem to have disappeared altogether.  It's rained everyday for I've-lost-count-of-how-many-days.  And your absence is making everyone gloomy.  So please, please come back.  I need to feel the sunshine on my face, look up to blue skies and fluffy white clouds.  To wake up under canvas with birds singing and the promise of a summer's day hanging in the morning air.  To put away our waterproofs and wellies and wear brightly-coloured t-shirts and sunglasses.  To treat my children to ice-creams which melt in the sunshine before they're half-way through.  

We all miss you and want you back. 


I went out today and it seemed like everyone was short-tempered and gloomy.  It was raining heavily and I'm certain it would have been different if the sun had been shining.  I'm a naturally optimistic person but I'm struggling to keep happy with the current weather.  So in the spirit of being positive I'm writing a 'look on the bright side' list of all the advantages of it being such a wet summer for anyone else reading this who is feeling the same.

  • My children aren't lying awake unable to sleep at bedtime due to the bright sunshine flooding their window
  • I can still wear my woolly tights even though it's July
  • I haven't had to water my garden once this year
  • I don't feel guilty about staying in doing indoor stuff
  • I can light candles and fairy lights in the evening
  • Ducks are happy
  • Strawberries are fat
  • The hosepipe ban is over
  • It's OK to still eat pie for supper instead of summer salads
  • I don't have to faff around painting my toenails
  • No grappling with sun-cream and sticky children on our days out
  • Mud can be fun....
  • I haven't been tempted to splash out on a new pair of sunglasses
Errr...I think that's it.  If you can think of anything please do add to this list.  We can look back when we're having a moment and hopefully it will bring a smile to our faces. The sillier and funnier the better!


  1. You are getting a good return on investing in wellies and waterproofs

    We can actually say summer was a washout and all the foreigners coming over for the Olympics can say "It always rains in England"

    In a number of tests, our new roof seems to be significantly better at keeping the rain out as opposed to the old one which wasn't

  2. Dear C
    I am totally with you on this one. Like you, I'm naturally very optimistic but this weather .... well, it's really the pits.
    Having said that - we went to Stourhead today and we had blue sky and sunshine. It was such a shock !!
    I love your list of positives. Our first strawberry plants are indeed producing fat lush fruits. I don't miss the stickiness of suncream, not one little bit. And all this rain means that the sandals I've worn for the last 6 summers can see me through to yet another summer - that's got to be some kind of record??
    Keep (trying) to smile and enjoy lighting your candles. Hey, maybe September will be kind to us?

  3. -Our blackcurrants are the biggest, fatest ever.
    -Our onions are the biggest, fatest ever.
    -Our snails are the biggest, fatest ever too...
    -No one has got scabby knees from falling over at school in shorts and summer dresses yet.
    -I haven't been squirted with a Super Soaker yet this year.
    -We went out for a birthday hot chocolate with lots of cream this weekend - if it had been boiling hot we really wouldn't have been able to face that!

  4. I wracked my brain but I honestly can't think of anything else to add to your list. Rain like this is the pits. I'm sick of it. I want to paint my toe nails and get all sticky with suntan lotion. Come on Mr Sun. I know you're there behind the clouds. x

  5. Um, there have been nights when I have taken a hot water bottle to bed........

  6. Ah, lovely post. Well done for keeping the 'positivity' flag flying! I've thought of a couple more...
    Playing 'raindrop-on-the-window-pane races' - we're getting quite poetic about these now.
    Having the kids' pavement chalk art disappear on a daily basis - a brand new canvas every day!

    But. That's it. Bring on the sunny days! x

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  8. Good idea - think positive (and quite a Q-like attitude maybe...?) I'll add: The milk is still cool-ish on the doorstep in the morning.

  9. my kids don't have sun sock marks around their little ankles. I hate them but this year I actually think I miss those little white feet & brown legs!!!!

  10. Well done for the postitivity. I was walking through town this afternoon (in the rain) when someone stalked past me vehemently declaring to no one in particular 'F***ing rain'. Had to laugh. Maybe the best thing about this weather is the good old blitz spirit coming to the fore, we can all moan about it together!


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