Strawberry picking

We spent the weekend in Worcestershire, staying with our friend in the house she grew up in.  It is being sold now that she are her brother are all grown up, so this was possibly our last weekend staying there.  It's a beautiful house with stunning countryside views. More importantly though, it was the house that our circle of friends spent a lot of our time at during our 20s.  It holds so many great memories for me, so many fantastic weekends have been had there and so much fun!  We spent the evening reminiscing about all the fun we had and how carefree we were back then!

On Saturday we went strawberry picking at Gorst Hill Farm and managed to get such a great haul it was a struggle to eat them all before they went off.  The views from the strawberry fields are beautiful - rolling hills and blue skies.  After all that rain it was lovely to be away for the weekend and get some sunshine.


  1. Sunshine and strawberry picking - good for the soul, I am sure. I took my two a few weeks ago and we all had such fun. The rain has since ruined them but there are raspberries now...

  2. Lovely. And how apt for you to be writing about a circle of friends. Did you hear that Maeve Binchy passed away recently? Circle of Friends was the first of her books I read; and of all her stories it's my favourite. Time to read it again, me thinks x

  3. Beautiful, I love strawberry picking so much.


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