Cotton reel caterpillars

Inspired by the cover of an old Ladybird book, Z and E made caterpillars using old wooden cotton reels and a wooden ball.  They are really proud of them - check out those eyelashes!

If you've got some empty cotton reels, these are super simple.  We staggered the making over 3 separate days, and each stage was perfect to do between the end of school and supper time.  First, they painted the reels a solid colour (mmm, can you guess who chose pink?), then the next day painted the spots and on the final day strung it all together using string and a big embroidery needle.

On other news, Z is having a birthday party at the end of this month, so I'm busy putting together his invitation and making superhero capes.  Oh, and E has chickenpox but I'm finding Bach's Rescue Remedy cream a great help, as well as baths with a few heaps of Bicarbonate of Soda.  Anyone else know any good tips?

And if you've popped over from Lou at Little Green Shed, hello and welcome - do stay and say hello!


  1. Hello!
    So sorry to hear that you have Chicken Pox in your house. My two had it last year - really badly. We were recommended to fill a sock with oats, tie it up and then put it in a bath with them. It was really soothing, made the bath all kind of milky - and they played with the strange oaty sock too.

    Lovely cotton reel snakes btw. Very retro! x

    1. Thanks Julia, haven't heard of that before but we have oats so I'm going to try it this evening.

  2. I love the caterpillars! I'll have to do a lot of sewing before I have enough empty rolls though ;)
    Such a great vintage book cover too - I hope you dressed your kids in clothes like that before you got the paint out! ;)
    Good luck with the pox ... we haven't had it here yet, so I'm sorry I can't help there.
    x Rhi

    1. Oh yes,Z was wearing a knitted tank top and tie as always. Your little one is gorgeous - I can't talk about caterpillars when you've got such exciting news!

  3. We used aloe vera gel for our little one.

    Morag x

  4. Quite lovely. Wish my kids could make one of these things.

    Parental Controls

  5. What a fabulous make - my girls would love that.

    Sorry to hear about the chicken pox - I hope you are all bearing up....nasty itchy spots.

    Nina x


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