English Countryside

Sunshine!  Hooray!
It feels like it's been a long time since we felt the sun on our faces.
We headed out to nearby Dyrham and had the most amazing walk in beautiful countryside.
Z's got a little over-ambitious with his favourite activity - stick collecting and we had to plead with him to leave them behind when we were heading home.  
And look who this is....I can't believe Vwill turn 2 next in a few weeks.

E loved the butterflies and flowers and declared buttercups her favourite.

I hear the rain's back tomorrow so hope you all enjoyed the sunshine too.


  1. Wonderful photos. Your children are so cute!

  2. Loving the Just William look about Z. Yes C has a stick love too. Must meet up very soon. xx

  3. what lovely photos! it is lovely to see a bit of sunshine :-)

  4. Wow! Gorgeous photos. My children (my son especially) are in the stick-collecting phase. Those collected yesterday were for wands and broomsticks, apparently. But there's often no reason at all. Just good sticks that need collecting!

  5. Oh, your photos are so beautiful I spent ages looking at them. It looks lovely where you are. I hope you'll be getting lots of sunny days soon!

  6. Looks such a good day out - fantastic knitwear on display in the woods too, great to nearly be free of coats!

  7. Wowee, Dyrham looks amazing and your blog is totally inspiring! x Could you tell me is it somewhere specific in Dyrham as I'd love to go there with my little boy to find the flowers :-)

    1. Hi Catherine, thank you and nice to meet you! I'll e-mail you some directions so you can find the footpath we took - it was a beautiful walk and I'm sure you and your son would love it as much as we did. x


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