Hooray! The Whispering Wood Folk are back this month with another performance in Leigh Woods.  I've raved about them before here and here, but this time I'm do a bit of a preview so you have a chance to buy tickets if you want to come too. The show is The Holly King and will take us on a journey through the dark hinterland of Winter before emerging vibrant and full of vitality into Spring.  There will be storytelling, music, fireside tales and aerial performances, all taking place in a beautiful woodland setting.   Tickets are £7.00 for adults, £4.00 for over 5s and there are also performances taking place in Glastonbury and Stourhead Estate.

There will be tea, cake and chocolate truffles to picnic on before the performance starts so do arrive a little early if this appeals!


  1. I would love to come with the little if we lived any closer to these locations. It sounds magical! We will have to live vicariously through any descriptions you give us after you have been!

  2. We'll be there on Saturday! So excited about it. Thanks for your inspiring talk at Malago WI last month - it's made me come out with my own blog, Oyster & Pearl.

    Maybe see you on Saturday!


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