Bluebells in the rain

The weather's been so awful recently I was worried bluebell season would pass us by, so even though rain clouds were gathering, yesterday we wrapped up in  wellies, waterproofs, hoods and hats and headed to Prior's Wood.  Z had an absolute whale of time, sliding in mud, splashing in puddles, pretending to fall over and getting mucky.  In total contrast, E declared she hated mud and burst into tears when a tiny splash landed on her finger.  She insisted on holding J or my hand for the entire walk in case she fell over.  V pottered around asking to be carried most of the way, as it was so slippery.  We managed to stop off for a picnic lunch just before a total downpour and I had to improvise a story about a mud monster to keep spirits up.

We headed back to the car mud-splattered and sodden.  Z was desperate to go back, E said she never wanted to go there again and V had fallen asleep in my arms but the time we left.

Maybe I should have held out for sunshine.


  1. I must go see bluebells in the rain! Your day looks fantastic. x

  2. Awww...thanks Jen! Z and I had fun, but I can't vouch for anyone else!

  3. This made me laugh. Bella would have loved this too and Sam the opposite. I do love the sound of bluebells in the rain. x

  4. Nah, sinshine is for the weak ;) We saw bluebells the weekend before last. we too were worried we would get there and there would be none!


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