Egg Carton Crown

E has been longing to transform an egg carton into a crown.  Yesterday, with the sun streaming through our window and V taking her afternoon nap, we got the paints, glue and glitter out and she made this lovely headpiece.  It was lovely to spend time one-to-one, too.  E was so focused and enthusiastic and no sibling distractions meant we could chatter uninterrupted.  The end result is quite fragile, so it won't last long, but boy, did it make her happy, as you can see.

You'll need:
Egg Carton with 3 high pointy egg dividers (see pictures below)
PVA glue
Skewer to make holes for elastic

Cut out 3 or 4 pointed sections of your egg carton, depending on your head size.
Paint the outside yellow and leave to dry.
Paint the outside all over with pva glue.
Sprinkle liberally with glitter and leave to dry.
Place a piece of sellotape over the ends of the carton where you'll make holes to thread the elastic. This will
help prevent the cardboard from ripping.
Use the skewer to make a hole in the cardboard, large enough to thread your elastic through.
Thread the elastic through the hole and tie a knot to secure.
Repeat on the other side.


  1. WOW what a clever idea... I love how children can see how to turn a in to b ... I am far to blinkered and uncreative

  2. I know, I wish I could get see what they see - alchemy everywhere!

  3. I know it's really mean of me but i dread getting the glitter out (the mess!!!!) and avoid it at all costs. But my daughter saw me looking at this and thinks your crown is ace, so i think i know what i'll be doing tomorrow...

  4. Anything with glitter on is good - fact!

  5. so cute!
    Just in reply to your comment - yes the exhibition is in central Bath (The Octagon on Milsom Street) from the 24th - 28th April. The private view is Tuesday 24th from 6 - 9pm if you feel like an evening of artwork with drinks and nibbles!

  6. Keep meaning to write how gorgeous this lil crown turned out. We got a bit over-excited with our glitter use during Easter. I keep finding bits of glitter too near my kids' eyes. Oh, and in our food. But it's one of your five a day, right?


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