Easter Egg decoration - Washi tape

Woo, hoo! Look at my pretty eggs!  I'm super-excited because I'm no good at dyeing eggs. I've tried using onion skins, nettles and beetroot and the results were weak, blotchy and ugly.  This year, I bought a packet of natural plant egg dye here and, full of excitement, followed the instructions only to get the same patchy results*. I admitted defeat and hit upon the idea of using Washi tape instead and totally love them - and it's so easy.  The eggs look amazing altogether and were used in a treasure hunt for E's birthday.  I'll share with you what I put in them tomorrow.  It was my favourite game of the party and also perfect for Easter.  I'll be generously providing anyone who wants to make these for Easter 2 weeks to save egg shells, enabling them to avoid the situation I found myself in a few days before E's party, when I had 5 days to eat 21 eggs. Not fun!

You'll need:
Different patterned Washi tape.  If you live in Bristol you can buy them from the lovely Pippa and Ike Show on the Gloucester Road (£6.50 for 4 rolls) or else on-line from Papermash.
Egg shells (empty or intact - your choice)

Cut a length of Washi tape in half length-wise, enough to go around your egg.  Starting from the bottom, secure the tape around the egg, smoothing out wrinkles as you go along. I did a length from top to bottom and across the middle.  I tried doing concentric rings across the middle, but the curve of the egg is too severe and it wrinkles too much.

* I still have some packets left.  If you'd like to have a go, e-mail me your address and I'll pop the sachets out in the post to you. First come, first served.     


  1. Brilliant. My request for Easter crafts came true! I'm so going to do this. They look lovely. x

  2. Lovely idea! My kids are obsessed with that shiny metallic tape. And we've got loads of it. I wonder if that might cut lengthwise? I'll investigate. Thanks for the inspiration. x

  3. This is the second post today that I have read which gives me an excuse to buy some washi tape! I was just lamenting on my blog yesterday that I needed a reason to buy a particular roll I was hankering after. These eggs are great!

  4. This is GENIUS! Best use of washi tape i've seen on a blog yet! So much less messy than paint! Right, I'm off to order some now. xx

  5. And I thought the wasabi tape eggs were the star o the show..and now the enchore,,Wow thank you xxx


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