Confetti Eggs

The washi-taped eggs in my previous post were filled with confetti and hidden in the garden for a treasure hunt.  This is a great way to enjoy an egg hunt without overloading the children with chocolate.  In Mexico, where these originate, you're meant to bash them over each other's heads, but I was worried there might be tears, so J stepped in and the children queued up to bash the eggs over his head instead.

You'll need:
PVA glue
White and coloured tissue paper to make confetti
Hole punch
Skewer to break eggs

Use the skewer to break a hole in the bottom of the egg.  Break the yolk inside too, to make it easier to pour out the egg, which can be used for cooking or baking.
Wash out the inside of the egg with hot water and leave to dry.
Use the hole punch to make lots of brightly coloured confetti.
Half-fill the eggs shells with confetti (I rolled up a piece of paper to use as a funnel)
Brush PVA glue around the outside of the hole and cover with a piece of white tissue paper
Leave to dry.
You can get an idea of the size of holes I made in the picture below.


  1. nice idea! Poor J - although he does look like he is enjoying it. Might not be coming to WI tonight as have a stinking cold.. see how I feel. But good luck anyway! ;D x

  2. What a nice idea. A mini Easter pinata! Although I would have to do these AND chocolate eggs in our house, or there would be a mutiny. x

  3. I love this idea, will certainly be trying this one out for Easter.

    B x

  4. I'm just home from listening to you discussing blogging at the Malago WI. I've been blogging for four and half years myself, and it was very interesting to hear four individual views. I love your illustration at the top of the page. I know there's a technical term for it but it escapes me!

  5. such a lovely idea, looks like great fun.


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