Winter Beach Walk

Z and E spent Saturday night at their Granny and Poppa's house in Cornwall, leaving J and I to enjoy a bit of time with V.  It made me realise how rare it is for V to get her parents just to herself and she loved it.  We booked ourselves into the Polurrian Bay Hotel and headed to the beach to get blown about!

The hotel has just been refurbished and was super comfy so afterwards we sat in their lounge warming ourselves up with hot chocolate.  I really liked their decor!  

Z and E had a whale of a time while we were away - they visited some newborn lambs and it is all they have been talking about today.  


  1. It all sounds divine! The hotel decor is lovely and the sofa looks like a place to sit and dream the afternoon away.
    Did you go to Gypsy's Splatt ?

  2. Yes, we dropped by briefly and it looked a little lonely. It needs us to spend the summer there!

  3. Oh I hope you will be able to spend lots of time there in the summer :-)


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