Photo Booth Christmas Fun

Our advent activity was for Z and E to have their pictures taken in a photo booth wearing festive hats. The children got an extra treat as quite by chance we stumbled across a lovely face painter so they had their faces painted too. You can't see E's picture that clearly but she's an angel with a halo on her head and glitter on her cheeks.  I'm sure you can guess what Z choose to be - he loves singing Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer so jumped at the chance to be a reindeer for the day!   Z and E  loved  seeing their faces on screen and waiting for the pictures to develop.  I might make this an annual Christmas activity as I like the idea of having a little festive photo of them each year.  


  1. Such a great idea! Might have to steal that one next year too ;)
    Happy Christmas to you and your beautiful family (of angels and reindeers!) :)
    x Rhi

  2. too cute! great ideas... cool mama! xxx

  3. This is my favourite idea! Now to think of a time to do this myself...


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