Indoor Paper Lanterns

I'm not a big fan of November. Everything seems so much gloomier when it's dark and cold by four o' clock. We always loose a week or two due to sickness too, which is why I haven't posted for ages. All three have had awful night coughs so sleep has been pretty hard to come by - I had forgotten how difficult life is when sleep deprived.

But there are good things about November too. Open fires and woolly tights, jacket potatoes and Sunday roasts and the dark evenings are perfect for brightening with candles and fairy lights. We've been making these simple paper lanterns for our mantelpiece.

You'll need:
Watercolour paper
Watercolour paints
Tissue paper

In the morning we did wet-on-wet painting and left the paper to dry.
Cut the paper into in half to make a long strip (ours were 40cm long x 15cm high)
Fold a tab along the short length (you'll use this to glue the strip together) and then fold the strip into quarters
Cut out shapes inside each quarter - simple works best - sun, stars, moon, leaves.
Paste tissue paper on the inside so that it covers the cut-out shape.
Glue the tab to the other side to make a lantern.
Use a night light placed in a glass votive to make the lantern glow.


  1. Genius! That Rowan Tree is doing you good... I presume it's a steiner idea. Love it, I am going to make some this week with the boys. Speak soon!!! Lou xx

  2. These are lovely! Hope the children are better soon, and you manage to catch up on some sleep!

  3. Sorry to hear you've all been under the weather. My little boy was sent home from school today; the winter bugs and germs return in earnest. The lanterns look lovely - we'll be trying these.

  4. Hi Lou - yes it is - Violet made them last week. I say 'Violet made', but she mainly waved a paintbrush in the air, so I decided to do some more at home with the older two. I think it was a bit ambitious for a 16 month old! Today I'm going to try and make star lanterns which look a whole lot more complicated!

  5. That's to bad that you have all been sick, get well soon.

  6. Beautiful! I might try some Christmas versions.


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