Advent Calendar 2011

I've finished our Advent Calender, just in time for tomorrow. I used baby food jars decorated with wrapping paper and and number stickers, standing in an old wine crate. Each one fits 12 jars so a perfect fit {smile}.

I use the advent calender to help prepare the children for Christmas and to celebrate the closing of the year. I try to steer clear of 'things for the sake of things' and incorporate activities that we would be doing anyway during December. So for example in one jar there are beautiful Winne the Pooh and Thomas the Tank Engine first class stamps and on that day we will write and send our Christmas cards. One thing I learnt from last year was to list what is in each jar so that I can swap the contents depending on what the weather is like or how energetic we are feeling, so the trip to the library might be on a rainy day and the walk on a sunny one.

Here are some of the things I've included this year:
A visit to the library to choose new Christmas books
A twig and leaf for a walk in the woods (we do a big get-together walk with friends each year)
Tickets to the theatre
A small candle
A bell
A walnut
An acorn
A tree decoration
Paper snowflake for an activity making fold-out snowflakes
A star-shaped cutter for the day we make mince-pies
A sprig of mistletoe to hang
A little pencil for writing a letter to Father Christmas
A coin for spending or giving or both
A chocolate coin
Dolly pegs to make angels
A ribbon to wrap up presents
A visit to a Christmas market
A visit to Grandparents
A Christmas cake decoration
Orange peel to make dried orange tree decorations
Cinnamon stick
Gold and silver stars
Tags for Christmas presents
A pinecone to make birdfeeders
A trip to the zoo
A trip to the aquarium
A knock-knock joke (Mary...Mary Christmas)
Trip to a photo booth wearing Christmas hats
Small pegs for hanging up Christmas cards

If you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them.


  1. You are a genius! I love the fact that each item has a meaning or purpose. It certainly beats our chocolate one!

  2. you are too clever! I'm sending C and R over to live with you.. Mine is just rubbish in comparison. xx

  3. Oh I just love this! We've been planning on doing something similar when Iris is a little bit bigger and can participate, I think I may have to take a few notes from you though! x

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous treat for your children. I am so excited to make a personalised advent calendar for Baby Biddle when he's older and will definitely be bearing your ideas in mind. Mrs B x

  5. That's great suits your family and nice that it was made by you.

  6. so very beautiful and inspiring. Not sure I can cobble something together tonight but wish I could. I hope you and your little ones enjoy each days discovery x

  7. That's so lovely - the sweetest advent calendar I've seen (and I've been looking at lots of them lately!). I'll be a day late, slaving away once the kids are in bed tonight and I might just 'borrow' a couple of your ideas. Making peg angels for example :)

  8. Dear C
    This is the loveliest advent calendar I've seen! Such a great idea - you are clever!
    Happy advent to you and yours,

  9. Wonderful, I love the jar idea! I still have a few empty envelopes on my advent calendar - which thanks to you I can now fill!! Will try & post our advent calendar up soon. I also kept a list for swapping requirements but also to remind me which ones were still empty!!! x

  10. What a novel idea! I like the ideas for the contents too.

  11. This idea is so fantastic!!! THANKS!!! x

  12. This is the best idea for an advent calendar that I have ever seen! Hope you're all enjoying it! Xx

  13. Hi C.

    I've rather randomly come across your blog after spending the last hour on Polkerris beach..........in sideways rain! We did however have the whole place to ourselves - more the fool us I think though!

    Anyhow, as I'm Cheltenham based I've decided this year I'll be spending December at your house - OMG, you're a super mum.....love this advent calender plan.


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