Magic in the Woods {autumn}

There was magic in the woods again this evening. We arrived at twilight and were led through the trees by a storyteller to hear the tale of Hunter's Moon.

There were beautiful aerial performances from the treetops, lit by burning torches. Music was haunting and gentle, with a cello, violin and soft drum. E was enchanted by the fairy who fell asleep in her hanging cocoon after her dance. As the light faded, our paths were lit by paper lanterns hung from the trees.

This was another amazing production by the Whispering Wood Folk and if you didn't see tonight's show they have another one next weekend at Combe Hill Woods, you can book tickets here.


  1. looks so enchanting! love thoes hanging lanterns! :)

  2. Brilliant. A friend asked me to go but unfortunately I couldn't.

    So, this blog makes up a bit for what I missed.

    It sounds enchanting - thanks so much, and for the atmospheric photos.

    Great to meet at Blog Camp Bristol. Hope we do again!

  3. Amazing! You guys do the best things! Hopefully one day I can go to one of these x


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