Z's Party Feather Headbands

Yesterday I finished making feather headbands for Z's party on Saturday. I was inspired by felt crowns I've seen around the blogosphere but wanted something easier that could also be incorporated into the party and this is what I came up with. They cost about 45p each so that made me very happy! They've got one feather in the photos but are made to hold five, as it's Z's 5th birthday. The idea is that during the party additional feathers will be given out as prizes so by the end everyone should have 5 feathers. You can see the pockets a little more clearly in this photo of E posing. She was my model while Z was at school.
The ribbons started to fray at the ends whilst I was making them but I discovered if you run the ends near a candle flame it seals them so I spent a happy 20 minutes making all 60 edges fray-free. I love the colours all together.

I've posted some brief instructions below but before I do - random question: Do you think Alex James is bored of posing with cheese yet? See here, here and here.

Instructions in brief - let me know if you want more details
For each headband you'll need
1 metre of ribbon
length of plain felt 26cm x 3.5cm
Scraps of bright felt cut into the letter you want (approx 2cm high)
Sewing machine

Place the plain felt onto the middle of the ribbon length and pin along the ribbon side
Use additional pins to mark where you'd like the feathers to be - I didn't measure and just did this freehand
Using straight stitch on your sewing machine, and with the ribbon side up, sew the felt and ribbon together and at each pin marking where you'd like the feather to be sew a little pocket to hold the feather. Repeat until you've sewn all the way around the felt.
Hand sew the cut out letter to the centre of the felt band
Cut the edges of the ribbon and hold firmly close to a candle flame to seal, but make sure the ribbon doesn't actually touch the flame.


  1. V impressive and not TOO complicated for the ham-fisted!

    See you at Blog Camp Bristol on 6 October


  2. Oh you're a clever Mummy!
    The kids will LOVE them.
    And I love the coloured ribbons all together too.
    I won't tell you how many times I have cursed when accidentally holding a ribbon too close to a flame, but it does work well huh?!
    x Rhi

  3. Your feather crowns are so cool - great party ideas - z is a lucky boy!

  4. Beautiful idea! Beautifully made. Lovely job! x

  5. How cool are those head dresses? WOW. My two kiddos would love them.

    Now my li'l trick to stop ribbon fraying is to dip just the very edge of it into the liquid wax of a burning tea light. Works well, and you can't see the wax when it's dry. But now of course, I'll have to try the flame trick. Look out!


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