The Late Birthday Party

Dear Z,

The day of your actual birthday began in Paris and ended up in London. It was the height of the summer holidays and we weren't at home to arrange a birthday party for you, which is why we held your 5th birthday party in September. I was worried about the weather but the sun shone and shone and shone. You had so many school friends that I didn't know who all of them were. Everyone wore feather headdresses, popped balloons and ran around making animal noises during the find your animal game. Daddy and I made the cake you'd fell in love with when you saw it in the recipe book. Here are some pictures from that happy day. Thank you for being so patient.

With all my love



  1. Oh it looks so much fun.. and you are so brave having so many children! I hope today's party goes as well as Ziggy's... xx

  2. So glad you had such great weather! Mummy used to play an animal game that sounds similar - it is her all time favourite party game.

  3. Looks like he had a great day, we have to do that next weekend.

  4. What a candy cake!! Slurp! Really nice blog, Cat


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