From our bookshelf - Autumn

Despite being a family that loves reading I've never written a post on our favourite family books or authors. After reading this post, today was the perfect chance to review a book that I think would make a great additional to a young child's bookshelf. If you haven't discovered the MamaUK blog please do hop over and take a peek - it's about simple family life and has the most gorgeous photographs.

The Story of the Wind Children( (£9.99 by Sibylle von Ofers) was first published in Germany in 1910 and translated into English in 2006. The illustrations are wonderful and remind me of those by Elsa Beskow. It tells the story of a boy named George who befriends a wind sprite named Willow. Together they embark on an adventure blowing dandelion seeds, catching falling apples and meeting Leaf children as they catch falling leaves. The illustrations are coloured in lovely browns, greens and reds and full of autumnal activities. Z and E enjoy counting the Leaf Children in this picture:

It is the kind of book that E can curl up with to look at pictures on her own, or we can read together at bedtime. It introduces some of the seasonal changes outside our window and what might be happening in the next few weeks as autumn progresses.

If you live in Bristol it's available from Playful or otherwise online from the publishers Floris Books whch is also my go-to place if I'm looking for special books to give as gifts.

Happy Reading!


  1. Oh lovely book. I've just thought of one we've got... Simon's Garden. I might pop this on Mamauk's linky tomorrow, once I've photographed it. Your home always looks so lovely and interesting...lou xx

  2. Oh thanks Lou, there's always bits of my house that look nice and other bits that are a total mess (you'll seen next week!).

  3. What a lovely review! Thank you so much for joining in, we have this book too. My two love it when George and Willow leap on the backs of the cloud horses & ride across the sky, being puffed by the wind! Thank you so much for sharing & for your kind words, I am so glad you enjoy my blog & photos!

  4. I thought I recognised the illustrations, they're lovely. We have another book, though not this particular title, by the same author.

  5. this looks adorable! Cannot wait for Jamie to be a bit older, I think he´ll love this book !

  6. Lovely pics! Beautiful book, we get similar books from our local steiner school shop. Thankyou for your lovely comments on my blog. I love your summer photo montage. What package did you use to put it together? Jacs x


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