Bye Bye Summer

The sun always seemed to shine during my childhood summer holidays. I hope my children grow up with similar sunlit memories of their own.

We spent the last two weeks of August in Cornwall. The first at Cornish Tipi Holidays on the North coast and the second on the South coast in Fowey where J comes from. My highlights include:
  • Melting jelly babies over a campfire
  • Picking blackberries from the hedgerows
  • Taking a walk along the coast with E wearing her fairy wings
  • V paddling in rock pools
  • Finding starfish at Readymoney Cove
  • Swimming at Kynance Cove - one of my very favourite Cornish beaches
  • Z learn to drive a boat with Granny as his teacher
  • Watching the Eden Project's 10th anniversary circus show
  • Spotting shooting stars whilst the children were asleep in the tipi
  • Wild swimming in the beautiful lake at Cornish Tipi Holidays
Much as I love our time away, it's good to back at home and back into the rhythm of school. Z started a new school year, E started pre-school today and on Thursday V and I will be going to the parent and child sessions at our local Steiner School. It feels right to be saying goodbye to summer and hello to a new season.


  1. Welcome back... sounds utterly blissful. I did steiner kindegarten with Charlie, at the Rowan Tree. It was freezing! Take some slippers. We need to meet up very soon, as this is getting silly. lou xx

  2. That all sounds so lovely. I can't wait until Iris is bigger so can have lots of adventures! I think I may be looking to this blog for some fab ideas! Love Steiner! I'd really like to send my little ones if we can find the cash xx

  3. Sounds like a great holiday, the sun aways shone on our Christmas holidays.

  4. Hello C- thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I've just tried to post a comment on yours but I'm not sure it worked - so forgive me if there are two!
    I think your blog is gorgeous - I love the Belle and Boo illustration. Bristol is a good place to be, heh? :-)

  5. Ahhh. Lovely summer memories there; gorgeous photos as always. Am intrigued by Cornish Tipi Holidays. Must investigate further...

  6. Sounds so lovely. I'd love a tipi holiday, maybe next summer :)

  7. I too love finding a new rhythm after holidays. Gorgeous pics!


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