Festival Adventures

The Wilderness Spa at The Festival

We've been on an adventure over the last few days. Z and E took the Eurostar to Paris on Thursday, returning yesterday (Z's 5th birthday). They went with my Mum and had an amazing time taking in the Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde and Paris Beach (which they loved).

Meanwhile Z, V and I were at the heavenly Wilderness Festival. I loved the swimming lake which had the Wilderness Spa at one end. The cedar hot tubs are heated by fire and the little yurt on the right of the photo was a sauna. I felt very proud of myself as despite being a chicken when it comes to getting into cold water I went swimming on both Saturday and Sunday - yay!


  1. What a cute festival! Also love the new colour of the blog!

  2. Oh when I saw you were going here, I was on at Dan like a flash! Wish we could have gone, it looks amazing! You deserve a little grown up time. LOu xxxx


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