Festival Adventures - Part II

Usually when I go to a festival I get by on baked potatoes, pie and the odd plate of chips. One of the highlights last weekend was the Banquet hosted by Sam and Sam Clark from Moro restaurant. It was in a marquee with proper linen, proper cutlery and delicious food - I was in heaven! We ate prawns, walnuts, baby squid, and grilled lamb followed by pistachio, pomegranate and cherry yoghurt cake - yum! We sat at long petal-strewn trestle tables, served in groups of 8 so it felt more like a wedding than a festival. We took V with us and she was brilliant and loved the food too.


  1. The moro cookbook is one of my favourites. How I would love to eat their food - lucky you - it looks magical in your photos....

  2. I was blown away by the food. The banquet was an extra at £27.00pp but it was definitely worth it. If they do the same next year I'd say come along and even if you don't like camping you can just buy a day ticket. Would be great to see you there!

  3. I'm coming! I've just found out we are going to Harvest @ Alex James' Farm in September... FREE! Yup Cannot wait... foodie heaven. xLou x

  4. Lou - oh that looks lovely and what a great freebie! I'm tempted to get Saturday tickets - are you doing the whole weekend?

  5. hello there C !
    Oh I am most envious indeed of your Wilderness festival weekend !!! I had my eye on that very festival, but what with the arrival of little folk and all that stuff ... well, another time, eh? It looks as though you had the most amazing time and I'm pleased to hear how much you enjoyed it. (sigh)
    Happy days to you,
    D xx


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