Z's amazing rainbow shadows

Woo Hoo, it's the weekend and I'm sooo pleased. It's been one of those weeks where I've had too much to do and too little time, made worse by me forgetting things here, there and everywhere.

Yesterday, though, Z made this tower, which I love! It was made using translucent Octons from the 70s which I rediscovered a while back from the blog of Mrs Eliots Books (there is also a beautiful Octons print for sale in her Etsy shop here). Modern Octons are opaque so lack the magic of the originals but you can find the old ones now and again on e-bay. Every time my children play with them I marvel at how beautiful they are and yesterday in the sunshine we made these amazing colourful shadows which intrigued Z.

We even managed a 'double rainbow'. What can it mean?


  1. So, so beautiful! It looks like there's never a dull day in your house - you and your children are always creating something spectacular!

  2. Oh this is stunning. Despite you being busy you always have time for fun craft things with your babes. I saw Z's rainbow window on Tuesday... very pretty! Have a great weekend hun. It's rain unfortunately...see you in the Mshed then! xxLou xx

  3. Last weekend I passed my set I had as a child on to a young boy in the street, I hope he has as much fun as I did.

  4. That is stunning! We managed to bag a stash of octons and play plax from a car boot sale but my children are yet to connect with them. I shall seek out some sun and educate them to the possibilities! Thank you x

  5. Just beautiful colours and shapes. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. We have just been to Lacock to see Whispering Woods following your recommendation! Thank you they were absolutely fab x

  7. Hello C, thank you for your visit and jolly words!
    I love octons and had such fun in my teaching days, playing with them alongside the children :-)
    These are magical images!
    happy days to you,

  8. Hello! Lovely rainbows there!
    Just wanted to link you this event as it's happening in Bristol and I thought you might want to go along. My friend Hannah is running the Monkey And Robot craft and storytelling workshops At-Bristol.She's the creator of the books Monkey And Robot, is Bristol-based, is a fabulous artist and great with kids to boot. I wish could go!


  9. Oh wow, that is beautiful! Love it x

  10. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It works amazing, beautiful and creative,,


  11. How beautiful. I think we may have to find some of those! x

  12. Wow those look like so much fun. I know my daughter would love them (and I would too!). I went on Amazon to try and find something similar and I found "Giant Crystal Connectors" that look to be pretty similar:


    We are going to give them a try


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