Window Crayons

Please come back sunshine! It has been such a rainy week here in Bristol, we decided to brighten our view using window crayons bought online from Monkey Puzzle Toys. I'd never used them before and they are very soft and easy to use. I had to keep an eye on Z and E when they were using them though as they can get pretty messy.

The effect is beautiful when the sun shines on them and also looks lovely from the outside looking in. I'm going to leave Z's beautiful rainbow until it feels like summer again!

If you want to buy some then ring Monkey Puzzle rather than order through the website as they will reduce the postage charges for small orders.


  1. They're brilliant! I've never seen them before, but I think we need some in our house! Great rainbow, Z.


  2. That is a really lovely idea - will have to get some of those. I guess Torin'll need supervision too though, or there'll probably be pretty pictures all over the curtains and walls!

  3. What a lovely rainbow and a great idea too. :)

  4. My sons love this type of crayon! (We buy Crayola over here in the States) They love to practice their letters and numbers with these, too!


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