We're on a Gorilla Hunt

It is Bristol Zoo Garden's 175th anniversary this year, and as part of the celebrations there are 59 life-sized gorillas dotted around the streets of Bristol. They have been beautifully decorated by local artists and we are trying to find and photograph them all.

There was a very funny moment when Z got confused and ran up to the gorilla decorated with the Union Jack shouting 'Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson!'.

They are around until 7th September and you can find a map and read more on the Bristol Zoo website here.


  1. Looks like a great thing to do with the kids lots of fun.

  2. That Michael Jackson comment is so so funny! What a lovely way to spend time looking around the city.

  3. That looks great - I feel a trip to Bristol coming on!

  4. Gorgeous children! And such stylish outfits! Love the idea of the gorillas. Did you see the pigs in Bath?

  5. I've still to do any! Oh well plenty of time. I like the way they've dressed up to meet them... Batman rocks! Lou xx


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