Outdoor spray painting

Sunshine and blue skies meant it was the perfect day for outdoor painting.

We hung an old sheet on our clothes line and pegged the bottom corners into the ground using ribbon and tent pegs. We had foam brushes and rollers but they liked the spray bottles filled with poster paint and water best.

I was hoping we would do some colour mixing but there was no stopping them once they discovered black.


  1. I used to that with the kids in preschool, back when i was a kindergarten teacher.

  2. Why do children love black? My two do too. I am all - 'lets paint a rainbow' - noooooo black! is the answer. Brilliant idea, will you be using it as a table cloth? x

  3. Wow! i bet they enjoyed that! x

  4. What a brilliant idea, I can't wait for some sunny weather so I can try this out with my little one, he's going to love it!! Will post a write up on this activity and let you know how it went. Thanks for the inspiration. x


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