A faun in the woods

We have just spent a magical afternoon at Leigh Woods with The Whispering Wood Folk. We were taken for a meandering walk through the woods, led by a storyteller and saw all sorts of enchanting sights, including a tightrope walker and treetop acrobatics. It reminded me a little of Giffords Circus.

I especially loved the pipe-playing faun above and E and Z were fascinated by the the fairies dancing in the treetops.

Music was especially lovely too, from a harpist playing in a sunlit meadow....

...to a cellist peeking out of a tree trunk.

Their next performance is at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire and I've put more pictures on Flickr.

If you like a sprinkling of magic every now and then this definitely provides it.


  1. this looks absolutely amazing! need to find their next venues,

    Emma x

  2. Oh my goodness gracious me. What a wonderful idea. Real life Narnia. I'm in awe! X

  3. We nearly went to this, but hot weather lethargy & finding the faun slightly scary (me, not the children) having seen him in Bath tipped the balance. Glad it was good & we should have gone!

  4. Emma, you'd absolutely love it! Melanie, you're comment made me laugh -I would have protected you from the faun if you'd come! Hello Fay!

  5. Why do I always miss these great things! I'm still gutted we missed the naked bikers. I'd better not tell the children there were fairies in the woods. Will see if I can make it to Lacock. Thank you for this. x

  6. We have been considering moving back out West for a while, looking at your blog makes me want seal the deal and move asap. I always knew Bristol was fun but you make it sound enchanting! And so perfect for a family :) x


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