Bristol yarn bombers discovery

North Street Knitted Cycle Rack - photo by yo! hanna

Yesterday I was cycling in Southville when I saw my very first yarn bomb. I'd read about London guerilla knitters, who cover phone boxes and street furniture with knitted loveliness but never realised Bristol was in on it - I thought Banksy was our lot when it came to public art.

I didn't have my camera with me but tracked down the creator, Johanna who has a blog Twee as Volk, featuring her adventures. Johanna kindly allowed me to use her photographs here so thank you Johanna!

I love this limpet traffic light cover in Stokes Croft.
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This cactus traffic bollard is brilliant, with little knitted spikes.

photo by yo! hanna
It so brightened my day yesterday and has made me even more determined to learn to knit. I'd love to go around Bristol under cover of darkness decorating the streets with stripes and polka dots.


  1. I love the cactus - that is so clever! x

  2. Thanks for the love! I can't take credit for the amazing cactus though, that was another of the Bristol Knitivists!

    1. Hi Johanna. Fantastic bombing! My name is Jo and I'm helping to organise this year's Front Room art trail in Totterdown (November 16-18.) Last year we had or first taste of yarn bombing and it went down a storm, especially what they did in and around the beautiful grounds of Arnos Vale cemetery (a lot of which is still there). Unfortunately the people who did it last year have other creative projects on this year so I'm wondering if you or some people you know would like to come along and be a part of this year's trail. Arnos Vale would be happy to have more bombing and have even suggested knitting vines around the massive classical columns on their main visitor centre. Have you seen it? It's stunning. We wouldn't hold you to that though; you could do whatever you like! Please let me know as soon as possible. You can email me at enquiries@frontroom.org.uk. All the best, Jo.

  3. Yarn bombing is so cool. This could be as new hippy movement - Make jumpers not war!!!

  4. Isn't it grrrreat - regularly happens on the footbridge from Southville into the centre too - between that and the guerilla gardeners (some of them planting veggies) we'll soon have this city sorted out!

  5. Those are amazing. What a fantastic idea. Think i might have to learn to knit too!

  6. Love these! I didn't know anything about any of this. Fabulous!

  7. Loving the art of yarn bombing! I just wanted to thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, and also for the suggestion of looking up Elsa Beskow. I have spent the entire evening searching the web, enchanted by every illustration I have found. Her work is so utterly inspiring to me, especially as I try and find my feet in this creative world. But now, I'm definitely off to dig out those knitting needles... X

  8. oohh I love this I was a bike in NY but didn't realise it was a movement!

  9. By the way, if any artists or creators out there would like to be a part of his year's Front Room art trail in Totterdown (Nov 16-18) you still can! Registration is open until October 15 and on our website you'll see venues offering exhibition spaces under 'Advertised Venues'. We get around 5000 visitors over the weekend and a fair bit of attention from the press and radio so it's well worth doing. Visit www.frontroom.org.uk for further info. From Jo.

  10. yo! hanna
    we are putting on an exhibition at Hamilton House and would love you submit these images.



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