Henleaze Swimming Lake

Sea, lake, river or pool there is something wonderful about swimming outdoors with the sun shining and blue skies above. I grew up in a hot and sunny climate many miles from Bristol and swam daily in the warm Arabian seas. It's taken me a long while to get accustomed to the take-your-breath-away coldness of outdoor swimming in the UK but I'm getting better at it. We used to be members of the glorious Henleaze Swimming Lake here in Bristol. Members have to be able to swim 50 metres so we are waiting for the children to be old enough to pass the test before rejoining. On sunny days like these I miss being able to cycle to the lake with a picnic for a spot of swimming and sunbathing.

If you're in Bristol there are are a limited number of membership forms available during opening hours from the lake - the waiting list is currently about 4 years long.


  1. Another great photo C! I didn't know about the swimming lake, but I'll pass on your link to some of my family who live in Long Ashton. Do you use a particular effect when taking some of your pictures? They always have a particularly nostalgic feel to them - especially this one!

  2. Hello there C !
    Aah, halcyon days at Henleaze Lake :-)
    A good friend of mine is a member and we've spent many a wonderful day there, chatting, picnicking, swimming (freeeeeeezing!), and soaking up the sunshine. Aaah, I love those days and can't wait to go there again soon!
    Thanks for reminding me of lovely times,
    Happy days to you,

  3. Great photo and it looks good fun. We're hopefully having the first picnic of the year this weekend x

  4. Nothing like having all the breath squeezed out of you by the freezing cold water! And nothing like having a swim outdoors in the summer - get the children training asap, only four years to get up to distance...

  5. wonderful photo!



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