Happy Birthday Roger Hargreaves!

We have some Mr Men fans in our house, and Google have been celebrating Roger Hargreaves 76th birthday with Mr Men doodles. As I currently average about 3 Mr Men book reads a day I had to post about it. My favourite is Mr Messy - I can't think why that might be.

I'm clumsy so I also have a fondness for Mr Bump.

And I'm always running around so Mr Rush deserves a mention too.

And of course we have to have Mr Happy.

There are 16 altogether. Who's your favourite Mr Men?


  1. I love Mr. Rush! x

  2. Was there a Mr Uppity? I just love the word 'uppity' if not can I invent one?

  3. There is. He's having his hat stolen by Little Miss Naughty and looking mightly uppity. For some reason I can't get on with the Little Miss series.


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