Cress Hair Egg Heads

Meet our new egg friends with their lovely green hair. They only took a few days to sprout so are satisfying to make and very cute. You'll need empty egg shells, cress seeds, cotton wool, water, googly eyes and a marker pen or acrylic paints if your children are a bit older. I was making scrambled eggs and cracked the eggs at the top rather than in the middle using a sharp knife and this made the perfect shape for growing hair.

I was a bit nervous about giving Z and E the shells to hold while drawing the faces but they were insistent and surprised me by being very careful when drawing their faces. We had no breakages!

We filled the eggs about about half-full with damp cotton wool.

Then put a sprinkling of cress seeds onto the cotton wool.

Once seeds have started to sprout water daily and trim into crazy hairstyles when the hair gets unruly. Ours had their first chop today!

{can anyone help me with a recent issue that I'm having with spacing? Extra lines have started appearing all over my posts and I can't work out how to solve the problem - any help would be greatly appreciated}


  1. This is such a great fun project isn't it - I love ones which need a tiny bit of patience too! I wonder if there is a way to put pictures of family members on the eggs, so that Granny gets a crazy hair style??

  2. I think my two would think this is such a cute project! Thanks for the inspiration! xx

  3. Spacing - you're not pasting your posts from something like word are you?


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