Royal Wedding Picnic

I wasn't sure whether we were going to get involved in Royal Wedding celebrations, but my Sis invited us over for the day and when we arrived there was Union Jack bunting, flags and napkins everywhere. It was brilliant! She has the most wonderful house and garden and the children had a great time playing with their cousins. They had a very British tea of fish and chips.

On the way home I asked them what their best part of the day was and they said playing on the trampoline.

We all got very excited when pictures of the cake were published as my Sis is married to Fiona Cairns' brother. Actually, I can't believe we weren't all invited, maybe our invites got lost in the post, that must be it!


  1. Fish n chips- what a fabulous idea, wish we'd thought of that! x

  2. Oh this looks like great fun and what a cool connection to the wedding. I loved watching every minute of it....3 times :)

  3. Fish & Chips sounds fantastic. Despite ourselves we seem to have got wrapped up in the Royal Wedding - everyone loves a bride.

  4. What a fun party to have, hanging out with family is the best. I was thinking about what would be a nice English dinner to have on Friday but completely forgot about fish and chips my girls would have loved that while watching the wedding.


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