J and I visit Cornwall

Before I had children I was pretty certain I would be the kind of parent that regularly took weekends away without the children. I'd also still go out, still go to the cinema, still spent Friday nights out with friends. In other words, my life would be pretty much the same just with children. Fast forward 4 years and 3 babies later and visits to the cinema are an annual event, Fridays nights are spent at home and for the first time in I Can't Remember How Long, J and I have just spent 2 child-free nights in Cornwall. My life is pretty unrecognisable to how it was before children and I love that having a family has revealed a different me to the one I was before.

J and I went down to visit Gypsy's Splatt, of course, which needed a clean and clear out. My heart always skips a beat when we first see it through the trees. We spent two days cleaning all the woodwork and sorting through the furniture. Look what we found nesting in a set of drawers.

Here's an inside picture of the bedroom which is now clean and mouse-free, but still needing a bit more work. We are going to replace all the window frames and perhaps give it a lick of paint.
We managed to fit in a walk along the coastal path - I'm a bit scared of cliff edges, as you can see.

I hope everyone enjoyed the lovely weather and it stays lovely and sunny and fog free for the rest of the weekend.


  1. It's just beautiful. That view is just spectacular, I can understand why you are lying down, I would too;) Glad to see you both had a wonderful weekend together with beautiful weather to enjoy. Enjoy your long weekend. xo

  2. It looks blissful! Well done for finding some child-free time and I am so in love with your log cabin x

  3. It looks idyllic and so relaxing. And being next to the coast is something I love :)

  4. I love that you have a little cottage in the woods - it's like something from a fairytale. And a great project to work on over the coming years. Add some red gingham and the idyll will be perfect! Mrs B x

  5. Oh not jealous at all! You lucky thing!!! Child free weekend with your man in cornwall, beautiful weather and your lovely little cabin... humpf! Next time you go, I am gonna stalk you... (I know where you live!!!!)... hhheheeee only joking slightly! Happy Easter lovely! lou xxx

  6. What a gorgeous getaway, I have a thing about cliff edges too, I can't walk up to them - scary.

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  8. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. We have just spent a week in Ireland. I hope you had a lovely time in Cornwall. I love Cornwall. My husband's parents live down there and he grew up there.

  9. Wow what a fab little cabin you have. Looks like a perfect retreat!

  10. GREEN with envy at this! How amazing is that cabin? Simply gorgeous. Can i have a holiday there!!!?

  11. Hello C :-)
    I'm so happy that you visited Gypsy's Splatt! Reading this post brought a surge of hopeful joy to my heart and a tear to my eye... I'm so glad you had a couple of nights together in your hideway home. You look so happy lying there on the edge of the cliff!
    And I have to say that I'm glad to read that your life is unrecognisable post-children - mine is most definitely! And it gives me hope when I read that motherhood has brought a special new dimension into your life ... I'm hoping to reach that too, one day! Still early days for our newly formed family ;-)
    Can't wait to hear more about your Cornish adventure!
    D x

  12. You look so happy & relaxed even on the cliff edge! I guess a child-free weekend can do that! Only competely envious of a getaway in the woods. And that it has such an awesome name! Jacs x

  13. I love Gypsy's Splatt. I rather love those bunkbeds too!!! Your weekend looks amazing. Hope you get some more time down their very soon. x


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