Today you are 3!

All about E on the day she turned 3.

Your favourite book is Where the Wild Things Are.
You love playing on swings and being outdoors but can't bear the cold.
Your favourite colour is pink.
When you are cross you are very, very cross and shout 'don't look at me!' at your Mummy and Daddy.
The only day of the week you know is Saturday and one of your favourite phrases is 'shall we do that on Saturday?'
If I ever want to make you smile all I need to say is 'no smiling please, it's NO SMILING DAY!' and you fall about laughing.
You don't like tomatoes but you DO like cucumber.
You have made my heart sing every day for the last 3 years.
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  1. happy birthday little one. 3 is the best age to be! x

  2. Happy Birthday E. Your mummy makes cute cakes!

  3. This is such a sweet post. My little boy Torin turns 2 in May, and you have given me some wonderful ideas for his party - thank you. I've just started reading through your blog after you left your comment on mine (thank you), and you've inspired me so much you're now firmly on my blogroll. Just thought you'd like to know, Rebecca.

  4. Happy 3rd Birthday. Hope you all had a great time. Those cakes look yummy! x

  5. What a beautiful tribute to a gorgeous girl - Happy Birthday, E !!
    Sending you lots of fun and good times,
    D x

  6. oohhhh that brought a tear to my eye x

  7. Happy Birthday to your little E!
    L is three this coming Friday, so our two are very close in age!
    Rosaleen xxx


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