Liberty Felt Bean Bags

I've been busy making bean bags for E's birthday party and I got so excited after finishing them - they are super-cute and I don't want to give them away anymore! I used an old wool blanket, out of date lentils and scraps of fabric so they are inexpensive and eco-friendly - my perfect project really. I confess I don't have beautiful Liberty fabric scraps lying around so I bought 25 squares for £10 from ebay but still, not expensive. I started out intending to make plain felt bags and the idea snowballed from there. Z helped me machine sew the edges using the foot pedal with his hands while I fed the fabric into the machine - we practised a few times before sewing the real ones and he was great.

I'm going to use them in games and as a going-home gift at E's party which is next weekend. I'll write up instructions and put a link on my sidebar if anyone's interested - please leave a comment if you are and it will bump it up my list of things to do.

I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful sunny weekend.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous. I've been intending to make a full alphabet set of bean bags for the little boy currently dwelling in my belly, so instructions would be much appreciated. Ta, Mrs B x

  2. Fantastic idea - love them. My boy is keen to juggle & think that these would be just right!

  3. Those are really cute. I love a home-made present. x

  4. Thank you! Mrs Biddle (lovely blog BTW), I started writing up a tutorial and will e-mail you when it's done.

  5. These really are great - and so pretty with the Liberty print. And, what a great idea Mrs Biddle!


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