Frog Hunting

After all the party excitement on Saturday, yesterday we headed to Abbots Pool Wood to look for frogspawn and enjoy the amazing sunshine. We took along a simple picnic of hard-boiled eggs and left-over party cake - yum! We were just about to give up on our frog search when J spied some bubbles in the top pond and a closer look revealed dozens of frogs. Hiding in the shallow waters was also a mass of frogspawn. It was too murky to take a good photograph but we'll go back in a few weeks to see if they've developed into tadpoles as Z was very excited by our discovery.

{confession: I very much prefer 2D frogs, like the sweet one drawn in Dear Zoo, to the real thing}


  1. Love all the polka dots in this picture!!

  2. Thank you, it was accidental but I do love stripes and polka dots!


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