Snowdrops and Sunshine

Snowdrops Galore!
With blue skies and the sun shining we caught up with old friends at Colesbourne Park, described as 'England's finest snowdrop garden'. It was the perfect place to make us feel spring is on its way and the snowdrops, crocus and cyclamen carpeting the grounds were just beautiful. I was a little unsure about taking young children but there was so much space to run around and not a 'keep off the grass' sign to be seen. There is a beautiful river meandering through the grounds as well as a waterfall and lake which was a stunning shade of blue. We spent a happy 3 hours with the children running around, playing pooh sticks and looking for fish. The best thing was how suitable it was for children without specifically catering for them - no swings, slides or brightly coloured plastic - just good old-fashioned fresh air and their imaginations to pass the time. Happy Days indeed.
Added on 14th Feb
{If you'd like to find a snowdrop garden to visit near you I'd recommend taking a look at the Great British Gardens website as they have a list of places around the country with displays}


  1. sounds wonderful, and not far from me! emma ;0)

  2. Your family would love it, I'm sure. I'd love to see your photographs if you do go - mine couldn't really do the place justice but you would, I know you would!

  3. We saw snowdrops today - but only about five of them! How lovely to see so many in one place; just beautiful.x

  4. A drift of snowdrops is so beautiful. I have never seen one in Sydney but maybe I could plant my own!! x

  5. Looks great, I don't know if it is a bit far for us or not, I will chat to DH about going!


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