Home-made Hungry Caterpillar

Z has been using his home-made caterpillar and toy fruit as props when telling the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar to his little sisters. He's very proud of it and I thought it turned out really well - I especially love those gigantic eyes.
Things you'll need
Strips of egg carton
PVA glue
Yellow and green tissue paper, torn into pieces
Green, red and yellow paint
Card for the eyes
Thin wire
Paint the strip of egg carton green and the end holder red.
Paint green and yellow
eyes onto the card and leave to dry.
Use PVA glue to stick the tissue paper to the caterpillar body.
Cut the eyes from the card.
Stick the wire to the back of one of the eyes with sellotape.
Make two holes in the caterpillar head and thread the wire through.
Sellotape the eyes to the wire and trim as necessary.


  1. Oh this is brilliant - well done Z! Good to 'see' you here again, you've been missed. Speaking of missed I haven't seen you around for a while... it's just typical! The charity shop clic next door to Amphora had amazing treasure today, I scored a 1960's typewriter!! So happy. There is normally tat and the smell of wee in that one. lou x

  2. Oh, what a find - you must have just beaten me to it - I took a browse at 2ish and came home empty-handed. I'm on the hunt for vintage glass ice-cream dishes for E's birthday next month. Should be back posting regularly now, I hope!

  3. Loving the caterpillar - we never do painting at home anymore, school takes care of that. Shame really. Also loving this convo about vintage ice-cream dishes & typewriters! I think following on from my fav UK holiday spots this might have to be one of my future posts - to start a list of all our favourite antique & tat shops! x

  4. Love the caterpillar! You've reminded me that we made a very similar one before we moved here... for a few months in Australia we had no toys at home after we shipped everything and we "made do" with crafty stuff, recycling etc. I loved it. The egg carton caterpillar was a big favourite but we had to throw him away before we flew over here. That was very sad. We'll have to make a new one!

  5. lovely caterpillar!my daughter would love to make this,thanks for the idea :)

  6. that is briliant, still one of my favourite books even at my age!

  7. Oh I love the caterpillar! Thank you for this idea :-)
    And thank you for your lovely comment over at mine.
    D x

  8. The violetta dress is beautiful, isn't it? Gorgeous fabric and shape and could be worn for several summers to come :-)
    I'm always seeing 'signs' in names of items, etc ... strangely enough, before we had the go ahead about our new family we saw names in so many different places and kept saying "it's a sign!!" and maybe it was !!!! ;-)
    Happy days to you - ooops and I've just remembered that I need to photograph the cotton reel ;-)
    D x

  9. what a lovely lovely craft project! Absolutely beautiful!


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