Grandpa's Marvellous Marmalade

My father makes wonderful marmalade every year. This year he is in Bristol during 'the season' so E (aged 2), V (8 months) and myself joined in the fun this afternoon. We re-wrote his tried-and-tested receipe so it went something like this.

One Grandpa
One 2 year old girl
One 8 month old baby
18 oranges and other stuff....sugar, water, lemons but NOT a torch, definitely not a torch.

Put 8 month-old on floor surrounded by cushions. Give 2 year old fruit to cut in half. Discharge 2 year old from duties when she starts to lick oranges and lemon halves. Juice all fruit and allow 2 year old to join when she renews interest in 'marmalade making game'. Remove torch from 2 year old. Give crying 2 year old chocolate biscuit upon demand. Pick crying 8 month old from floor and put in cot. Allow to sleep until recipe is complete. Move two-year old's pretend kitchen into real kitchen. Cut fruit skins into slivers whilst role-playing washing laundry with 2 year old. Go to soothe 8 month baby who is awake and crying despite previous recipe instruction. Abandon recipe and leave for Grandpa to complete.....


  1. this is such an enchanting post, i love it ;0)

  2. Hehe... sounds all to familiar this recipe! I have to make anything like this in the evening otherwise I can't make a thing! x

  3. If you have any marmalade spare, a marmalade cake is super-tasty. I've made one today, come and visit if you'd like to see. Like you, I had two assistants under the age of two, so progress was slow but steady! Laura x

  4. Love it!This made me chuckle!
    I had a similar experience with my children a few days ago; we had to abandon a papier-mache project in its gloopiest stage because of various shenanigans. Sometimes these things just don't work out, eh. C'est la vie.

    Pleased you had a Grandpa there to carry on the vision; there'll be marmalade yet! Julia x

  5. wow... a two year old with a knife. that is very brave! grandpas are the best. we will have to try a marmelade, off the the cuff, too. what a great idea!


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