Discovering The Makery in Bath

The Makery Emporium, Bath

I took the girls to beautiful Bath today for a change of scenery and look what we discovered - The Makery Emporium. E loved the colourful window display and inside was a treasure trove of ribbons, buttons, fabrics and all sorts of whimsy displayed on vintage cake stands and tea-cups. My idea of heaven! I spoke to the owner Kate Smith and it's an off-shoot of The Makery which offers workshops including making lip balm, crochet, embroidery and upholstery. There are also children's workshops (age 6+) such as biscuit decorating and sewing machine lessons. Visiting shops like this, built on the passion and enthusiasm of their owners is such a joy. I have my eye on a knicker-making workshop next month and if my efforts end up wonky, well, at least no-one will ever know.


  1. Oooh I have driven past this place a few times but not made it in yet- we're going to Bath next week so will have to remember to pop in!

  2. Hello!
    thank you for popping by, your comment made me smile :-)
    It sounds like you had a great time and certainly The Makery looks well worth a visit!
    I'm also rather envious of your trip to Cornwall - aaahh - I dream of my next visit, but don't yet know when that will be. I'm in need of some rugged coastline ;-)
    Have a happy rest of the week,
    D x

  3. Oooh this looks fab - not been to Bath for years and I can get the bus so easily from my house!!!

  4. You have made my heart do a little leap. I am sooooo excited that you have discovered this. I love all of these kinds of things. Maybe I'll see you on the knicker course!!! Must go & investigate your find right now. Hee hee. x

  5. I have been meaning to go here for so long! Thanks for reminding me. Maybe we should get some of us local gals together and have a meet and make session? Lou x

  6. Oh that looks so exciting, I've been meaning to go for ages too. Will definitely check it out. Laura x

  7. It looks like a lovely place.I love independent little shops :)

  8. Whoops I trod on my laptop screen after posting this but £150 (ouch!) and two days later I'm back online. Emma - that would be amazing - please come laugh at my knicker-making. Lou - I'd love that can me do that, laura, you interested?

  9. I have wanted to visit this place for ages too. Just need to make a trip up to Bath. It looks amazing!

  10. Thank you so much for your lovely write-up Catherine! It was lovely to meet you and your beautiful children last week.
    I'm looking forward to some giggly knicker-making with you soon!

  11. Hi Kate, thank you for stopping by! I'm going to try and arrange a bloggers knicker-making session. I'll keep you posted!


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