Chinese Lanterns light up the skies

We headed to the Downs tonight for the launch of 500 Chinese Lanterns, organised to celebrate Chinese New Year. It was wet and windy and although we had to abandon our first attempt we managed to get our second up, up and away! Z helped release ours into the night sky and suddenly there were hundreds going up. Quite beautiful and definitely worth missing bedtime for. As Z was getting into bed he whispered "I'll have something really exciting to tell school tomorrow".


  1. That really looks amazing, so beautiful. I agree definitely worth missing out on bed time for this.:)

  2. WOW!
    Have you seen Tangled yet? It features these lanterns. We watched it in 3D and all the littlies in the cinema were reaching out to grab the floating lights; so sweet. Not as good as the real thing of course but worth a look!

  3. What a lovely evening that must have been! I wish we had something like this in Yorkshire.

  4. Fabulous - I have these on my list for next year, along with fortune cookies! We usually take these lanterns camping with us. Did your lanterns have wire at the top? I'm looking for some without, so they completely burn out. My farmer friends hate them because of the wildlife getting caught in the wire. Would be really interested to know if anyone has found any. x

  5. Hi Julia - no haven't seen Tangled but will check it out. I feel like I live in a black hole at the moment re the outside world! Thanks for the tip-off.

    Emma - they lamps were fully biodegradable. They are a new design in response to the wildlife issue and were made by Firefly and have no wires/metal parts. You can buy them in the Kite Shop here in Bristol.

    Thank you Catherine and Jen for your lovely comments too"

  6. Oh that's fab news. I'll pop over and purchase some. Thank you so much for the info. x


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