Thank you letters

I want to get Z and E into the habit of appreciating the gifts they receive and the importance of writing thank you letters. I puzzled over how to get them involved as they can't write the letters themselves. They both recognise their names so I had some cards printed for each of them in a colour of their choosing. Today we sat at the table and I reminded them of what they had been given and from whom. Z and E then drew a picture for each recipient and I filled in the card around their drawings, asking them what they liked about each present and what they would like me to write. They posted them in the post box themselves and are excited about when everyone will receive them. Posted by Picasa


  1. Thanks this has just reminded me! I'd better get on with this. lou x

  2. That is such a lovely idea! x

  3. What a lovely lesson to be teaching your children. Not only the lesson of thanks, but letter writing involving pencil, envelope, stamp and mail box ... I love that!
    Donna :) :)

  4. Very nice. I love the cards. We haven't gotten to our Christmas thank-you's yet...hope we can still remember what we got!


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