Playing with cotton reels

I bought a batch of wooden cotton reels from a charity shop a few years ago and now buy them whenever I see them. I don't sew all that much but love the wonderful colours and labels. Today I used them in a game with Z and E. We took turns to pick a reel out of the box and grouped the colours together. Some were obvious, others more tricky - we debated whether a turquoise one was blue or green and another could have gone in the orange, red or pink pile. The Sylko reels have lovely names for Z and E to discover - Lemon, Sky Blue - and Filbert which they thought very funny. I didn't find a Violet though. After a while they got distracted and decided it was more fun to use the reels to make a long rainbow snake.


  1. beautiful idea. What charity shop do you find such treasure? Oxfam? Will have a look out tomorrow. Lou x

  2. I'd like to play that game - they look so beautiful - great names as well !!

  3. Oh, what a lovely idea. I have a few reels like that, but nowhere near as many. My little boy loves to play with my button jar, though. We're in Bristol, too! Laura x

  4. This is a lovely way to play with and explore colour in all its variety!
    I'm very fortunate to have a 'violet' reel of thread which I've had for some years - because it is my name! Every time I notice it, it makes me smile.
    I hope you've had another colourful day today.
    Denise x


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